Lucious Lyran

Lucious Lyran, also known as LJ, is a multi-talented artist who made a name for himself in the entertainment industry before embarking on a journey to explore the intersections of spirituality, science and the human experience.

Lucious is an actor, an author, a producer, a recording artist, a songwriter, a fatasol hotap, and Founder of House Of The Sacred Woman, spiritual science nonprofit organization (

Lucious has been in the business of entertainment since the age of 16. He got his start in modeling before taking on national commercials and Guest Star appearances in TV shows and Pilots as well as supporting and co-lead roles in feature films. In 2008 his sketch comedy character "Curtis Cartwright" went viral on Youtube with over a million views and counting. Lucious has worked to cultivate a robust body of creative content, amassing thousands of fans and followers on his social media platforms along the way.

As a recording artist Lucious has been perfecting his penmanship

as a songwriter for more than 7 years. Lucious utilizes catchy hooks and realistic verses to create hip hop poetry and R&B love making music. His single "Hey Shorty" aired on the radio in 2012 New at 2 on Power 106 in Los Angeles spun by DJ Felli Fel. With an entertainment career in Hollywood under his belt, Lucious is on a mission to transform his life and the world around him by focusing his efforts on building up his nonprofit and utilizing his vision to expand his philanthropic work. House of The Sacred Woman Mystery School is dedicated to help transform people lives to the best versions of themselves and advancing the cause of uniting the human race into the Age of Love.

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